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31 December 2009

Fun Cartoon Review: Happy New Year!

From Denny: As we send off the end of our calendar year, exchanging for the New Year, here are a few fun cartoons to give you a grin...

*** THANKS for visiting and have a safe and Happy New Year! Our full moon hanging low over our Louisiana rooftop in a clear night sky, the first blue moon in 20 years on New Years Eve, is both beautiful and spectacular tonight... and then the clouds covered the sky an hour later...

30 December 2009

Funny New Years Quotes

From Denny: Here's a fun sampling of the funny quotes and more I posted about New Year's. For the full post, check out The Social Poets blog: Funny New Years Quotes, Smarter New Years Resolution Tips - Cheeky Quote Day! 29 Dec 2009.

New Years Quotes

* Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to. - Bill Vaughan

* The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk. This drunkenness culminates on New Year's Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the person you're married to. - P. J. O'Rourke

* An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. - Bill Vaughan

* May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions! - Joey Adams

* New Year's Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot! Unless, of course, those tests come back positive. - Jay Leno

New Year's Poem

Happy New Year!!

A New Years toast to love and laughter
and happily ever after

A health to you, a wealth to you,
And the best that life can give to you.

Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening and
Live every day as if it were your last. - Anonymous

Funny New Year's Resolutions

* But can one still make resolutions when one is over forty? I live according to twenty-year old habits. - Andre Gide

* Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man. - Benjamin Franklin

* Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But your Happy New Year depends on what you do for others. - Anonymous

*** For the full post, check out The Social Poets blog, Funny New Years Quotes, Smarter New Years Resolution Tips - Cheeky Quote Day! 29 Dec 2009.

*** ALSO: Rare Blue Moon Shines on New Years Eve, Origin of 6 Meanings

8 Easy Yummy New Years Recipes to Warm Your Guests

Fun Kid Recipes, Activities Keep Them Busy For Holidays

*** THANKS for visiting!

26 December 2009

Funny Cartoonists 26 Dec 2009

From Denny: Here's a sampling of what is happening over at The Social Poet this Saturday, enjoy! I just love editorial cartoons; they really capture the mood of the country. It's fun to look back over the year to see what was happening politically in a society as the cartoons often speak more truth than all the news articles which are often funded by some lobby. At the very least cartoons give us the public reactions to what our politicians are doing - or claim to be doing. :) Take a look:

*** For the full post of a slew of funny cartoons, pay a visit to The Social Poets where I park them every Saturday, go here.

*** THANKS for visiting and hope you had a great holiday!

16 December 2009

Funny Christmas Quotes and More Holiday Fun

From Denny: Here's an excerpt and a sampling of this week's Cheeky Quote Day post over at my other humorous blog, The Social Poets, enjoy! Just so you won't miss out on more grins, there's a link at the end of this post to take you there. :)

5 Funny Christmas Quotes

* The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. - George Carlin

* Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it. - Richard Lamm

* Christmas at my house is always at least six or seven times more pleasant than anywhere else. We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa Claus, we'll be seeing six or seven. – W. C. Fields

* Mail your packages early so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas. – Johnny Carson

* Let me see if I've got this Santa business straight. You say he wears a beard, has no discernible source of income and flies to cities all over the world under cover of darkness? You sure this guy isn't laundering illegal drug money? - Tom Armstrong

Funny Christmas Story

Saying the Holiday Prayer

A four-year-old boy who was asked to return thanks before Christmas dinner. The family members bowed their heads in expectation. He began his prayer, thanking God for all his friends, naming them one by one. Then he thanked God for Mommy, Daddy, brother, sister, Grandma, Grandpa, and all his aunts and uncles. Then he began to thank God for the food.

He gave thanks for the turkey, the dressing, the fruit salad, the cranberry sauce, the pies, the cakes, even the Cool Whip. Then he paused, and everyone waited ... and waited. After a long silence, the young fellow looked up at his mother and asked, "If I thank God for the broccoli, won't he know that I'm lying?"

Then there's the "local" version of the famous Christmas classic "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."

The Night Before Christmas in Brooklyn, New York

'Twas the night before Christmas,
Da whole house was mella,
Not a creature was strirrin',
Cuz I had a gun unda da pilla.

When up on da roof
I heard somethin' pound,
I sprung to da window,
To scream, "YO! Keep it down!"

When what to my
Wanderin' eyes should appear,
But da Don of all elfs,
And eight friggin' reindeer!

Wit' slicked back black hair,
And a silk red suit,
Don Christopher wuz here,
And he brought da loot!

Wit' a slap to dare snouts
And a yank on dare manes,
He cursed and he shouted
And he called dem by name

"Yo Tony, Yo Frankie,
Yo Vinny, Yo Vito,
Ay Joey, Ay Paulie,
Ay Pepe, Ay Guido!"

As I drew out my gun
And hid by da bed,
He flew troo da winda
And slapped me 'side da head.

"What da hell you doin'
Pullin' a gun on da Don?
Now all you're gettin' is coal,
You friggin' moron!"

Den pointin' a fat finga
Right unda my nose,
He twisted his pinky ring,
And up da chimney he rose.

He sprang to his sleigh,
Obscenities screamin',
Away dey all flew,
Before he troo dem a beatin'.

Den I heard him yell out,
What I did least expect,
"Merry Friggin' Christmas to all,
And yous better show some respect!

- (Understandably) Anonymous

*** For the full post over at The Social Poets go check out The Funny Side of Christmas - Cheeky Quote Day! 16 Dec 2009

*** THANKS for visiting and have a great holiday!

12 December 2009

Funny Political Cartoons Sampler 12 Dec 2009

From Denny: C'mon, Life isn't Life without our favorite editorial cartoonists' opinions! Right or wrong, they are funny. Here's a sampling of what I have parked over at The Social Poets today for your grinning pleasure:

*** For the rest of the funny post every Saturday at The Social Poets, check out all the other funny editorial cartoons about the news of the day, go here.

02 December 2009

Funny Miss Speak Known as Malapropisms

From Denny: The following is a fun excerpt from Cheeky Quote Day over at The Social Poets. For the full post, go here.

*** Those funny slips of the tongue that come out weird and ridiculous!

From Denny: OK, we have all done it at one time or another. The key to good communication and understanding with others is to, well, avoid those slips of the tongue – or brain – whichever the case may be and speak something that comes out as absolutely weird and ridiculous nonsense.

What’s a malapropism? It’s one of those Freudian nuisances that have long plagued humanity – and politicians. We will get to that in a moment. A malapropism is really the unintentional use of a wrong word or strings of words into a phrase (compounding the problem) that causes confusion with the listeners as to what you truly meant to utter.

OK, so it’s unintentional and a humorous misuse or distortion of the word or phrase. A malapropism is especially effective because though it sounds a lot like the intended word so that it ends up ludicrously wrong in the context! What’s worse is if you make a habit of talking like this.

Some typographer having fun: I Shot the Serif ---- sheriff

A quick bit of history trivia for you on the origin of the word malapropism… OK, all you show-offs quit waving your hands because you already know the answer. Malapropism came into our language a few centuries ago from the pen of writer Richard Sheridan. His character, Mrs. Malaprop, was known for these speech antics in his 1775 play named The Rivals.

Here are some of her fun malapropisms and the correct word follows. If want to study how to write malapropisms this is a great example of how to write them:

"...promise to forget this fellow - to illiterate him, I say, quite from your memory." -------------- obliterate

"O, he will dissolve my mystery!" ------- resolve

"He is the very pine-apple of politeness!" ------- pinnacle

"I have since laid Sir Anthony's preposition before her;" ------- proposition

"Oh! it gives me the hydrostatics to such a degree." -------- hysterics

"I hope you will represent her to the captain as an object not altogether illegible." ------- eligible

"...she might reprehend the true meaning of what she is saying." ------- comprehend

"...she's as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of Nile." ------- alligator

"I am sorry to say, Sir Anthony, that my affluence over my niece is very small." ------- influence

"Why, murder's the matter! slaughter's the matter! killing's the matter! - but he can tell you the perpendiculars." ------- particulars

"Nay, no delusions to the past - Lydia is convinced;" ------- allusions

"...behold, this very day, I have interceded another letter from the fellow;" ------- intercepted

"I thought she had persisted from corresponding with him;" ------- desisted

"His physiognomy so grammatical!" ------- phraseology

"I am sure I have done everything in my power since I exploded the affair;" ------- exposed

"I am sorry to say, she seems resolved to decline every particle that I enjoin her." ------- article

"...if ever you betray what you are entrusted with... you forfeit my malevolence for ever..." ------- benevolence

"Your being Sir Anthony's son, captain, would itself be a sufficient accommodation;" ------- recommendation

"Sure, if I reprehend any thing in this world it is the use of my oracular tongue, and a nice derangement of epitaphs!" -------- reprehend/apprehend, oracular/vernacular, derangement/arrangement, epitaphs/epithets

*** For the full post of funny malapropisms - that my British friends call Colemanballs after a sports announcer prone to slips of the tongue - and the examples of former President Bush in all his Miss Speak glory, video of short clips included, visit Cheeky Quote Day at The Social Poets, go here.

*** Fun and intriguing informative science articles written in my usual cheeky voice:

Check Out Cosmic Generator Producing Energy at Rate of 100K Suns

Slamming Low-Ride Satellite Maps Earths Magnetic Field

*** Thanks for visiting! And if you are a blogger make sure to copy these fun free Christmas clip arts to use on your blog!

01 December 2009

Catch Up on Funny Posts at Dennys Funny Quotes 1 Dec 2009

What'd ya say? I'm so smart? But are you sure about that?

From Denny: OK, so I've been slacking off for the holidays... :) What can I say? I've been in a "food coma"? Nice try; Thanksgiving Day was last week... My only defense would be that food comas take a long time from which to recover, uh, ok, equally lame...

This morning I've been working on Dennys Funny Quotes ever since I found out Blogger only backs up posts. Sweet. All those category lists which took hours and hours to build are basically toast so I've been creating posts of all my categories.

For a grin today take a look at what I've rounded up so far:

Funny Retirement Quotes

Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny Ironic Humor Quotes

Funny Crazy Cat Quotes

Funny Quotes About Quotations

Funny Cooking Quotes

Funny Conan OBrien Quotes

Funny Jay Leno Quotes

Funny Inspirational Quotes

*** Try not to dine too much you might end up in a funny quotes coma! Save room in your mind tummy for tomorrow's Cheeky Quote Day! :)

25 November 2009

5 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Photos

Trash-talking turkeys just passing the time until someone took them seriously... Photo by stevevoght @ flickr from another of my funny posts: 21 Funny Thanksgiving Fighting Turkey Photos

From Denny: I found some hilarious Thanksgiving Day quotes along with a few smart jokes and LOL holiday poems for this week's Cheeky Quote Day over at The Social Poets blog. Click on the links below for the full post of funnies and the Obama Turkey Pardon Preparation Video. Here's a sampling taste to get you started on your holiday grinning, enjoy!


* If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. ~ Robert Quillen

* Here I am 5 o'clock in the morning stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird's butt. - Roseanne Barr

* It was dramatic to watch my grandmother decapitate a turkey with an ax the day before Thanksgiving. Nowadays the expense of hiring grandmothers for the ax work would probably qualify all turkeys so honored with 'gourmet' status. - Russell Baker

* Thanksgiving is America's national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty. ~ Michael Dresser

* I love Thanksgiving turkey. It's the only time in Los Angeles that you see natural breasts. ~ Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

*** For more funny holiday quotes, holiday jokes and hilarious poems, the Obama funny video about his first act of turkey pardoning (wonder if it's name is Cheney???) and great holiday recipe links, check out The Social Poets and Cheeky Quote Day, go here.

*** Thanks for visiting and come back often for a grin! :)

24 November 2009

All Writing Links

From Denny: Since I recently found out that Blogger does not back up anything but the blog posts I realized I'd better make posts out of all the sidebar links to ensure they are backed up! :) Plus this is easier to put into a Word document as backup too since the code is already written. In case of some unforseen catastrophic failure and the blog is lost all you have to do is copy and paste these links back into another post to rebuild the blog.

101 Best Websites for Writers - from Writers Digest

25 Best Writing Blogs - from Editor Unleashed

Absolute Write

Advanced Fiction Writing

Agent Query

Ancient Sacred Text Archive

Bad Language

Bloggeries - blogging resource

Christian Authors Network

Christian Writers' Marketplace

Confident Writing - writing coach to help you find your voice and writing confidence

Economist Style Guide - meant for economists but beneficial to all writers

Edit Cafe


Freeland Copyrwriters Blog

From Where I Sit (Michael Hyatt)

Grammar Girl

Guide to Literary Agents Blog

Hack Writers - international site

Lousy Writer - Free online resource with tips for improving your writing

MIT Writing Courses for online writing

Novel Journey

Open University Grammar Course

Publishers Marketplace

Publishers Weekly - publishing news

Query Shark

Questia - read free 5,000 books and research

Quote of the Day - code to paste into your website or blog


Romance Writers of America - this isn't your grandmother's fiction genre!

So You Wanna Be Published

The Association of Authors' Representatives

The Master's Artist

The War Prayer by Mark Twain - odd how "the more things change, the more they remain the same," different generation, different time, same problem: War

The Writer Magazine - how to promote your writing or self-publish

Urban Dictionary

Urban Legends

Warnings and Cautions for Writers from SFWA

Wide-Eyed Fiction

Writer Beware

Writing Career Coach

Writing Fix - writing prompts and more

Writing Spirit

Zette's Site - fantasy niche writer on self-publishing

Zondervan Blog - for Christian niche writers

23 November 2009

All Links to Fellow Poets and Writers

From Denny: Since I recently found out that Blogger does not back up anything but the blog posts I realized I'd better make posts out of all the sidebar links to ensure they are backed up! :) Plus this is easier to put into a Word document as backup too since the code is already written. In case of some unforseen catastrophic failure and the blog is lost all you have to do is copy and paste these links back into another post to rebuild the blog.

Denny Lyon (Louisiana, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Jim Spaulding @ In the Garden of the Sun (New Mexico, USA)

Kevin R. Carr (Minnesota, USA) @ Triond (Israel)

Dottie1 (Massachusetts, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Goodselfme (Roberta - Oregon, USA) @ Triond (Israel)

G-Ma Johnson (Washington state, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

CJBeige (John - Michigan, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Robert W. Kimsey (Kentucky, USA) @ Writing on the Ridge (blogspot)

Julie Ann Amos (UK) @ HubPages (USA)

mhei (Phillippines) @ HubPages (USA)

Peggy W (Texas, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Storytellersrus (Rocky Mountains, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Neil Sperling (Ontario, Canada) @ HubPages (USA)

NYLady (New York City, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

AEvans (USA) @ HubPages (USA)

Bev Maher (UK - Scotland) @ (UK)

Stay at Home Dad (Georgia, USA) @ HubPages (USA)

22 November 2009

All Libations Friday! Links

From Denny: Since I recently found out that Blogger does not back up anything but the blog posts I realized I'd better make posts out of all the sidebar links to ensure they are backed up! :) Plus this is easier to put into a Word document as backup too since the code is already written. In case of some unforseen catastrophic failure and the blog is lost all you have to do is copy and paste these links back into another post to rebuild the blog.

November 2009

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October 2009

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September 2009

Libations Friday! 25 September 2009 - Poem about how Mother Nature - and we - are out of balance. So goes humanity, so goes the natural world...

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August 2009

Libations Friday! 21 August 2009 - photo rich poem about how people are like trees, art photos are awesome!

Libations Friday! 14 August 2009 - Writing exercise in the form of a Simile Smile: Poem about us and summer changing into another season. Coffee talk about how other cultures take their coffee, will surprise you!

Libations Friday! 7 August 2009 - Great historical, sometimes hysterical, coffee trivia, funny video using rap words to sell a car, original poem about how our words create our life

July 2009

Libations Friday 31 July 2009
- Coffee Ice Cream Cooler recipe, funny birthday quotes, birthday poem for an abused person

Libations Friday! 24 July 2009 - Coffee shake recipe with Louisiana coffee and original dream sequence poem

Libations Friday! 17 July 2009 - Cold spiked coffee recipe, funny video about getting a coffee in a recession and a poem about winning against the current recession.

Libations Friday! 10 July 2009 - Video of how astronauts drink coffee from an open mug in space and a short essay about the CIA on why it is important to write in order to change the world as you know it, plus a couple of great quotes

Libations Friday! 3 July 2009 - Poem about Michael Jackson, writing exercise of how to write poetry biography, Mexican coffee recipe

June 2009

Libations Friday! 26 June 2009 - Writing exercise of writing the ridiculous to blow off steam and tension of writing expectations, recipes for Cold Chai Cocktail, Cold Caffee Shakerato in a martini glass

Libatons Friday! 19 June 2009
- Poem to mark significant world event, of New Millennium blessing,3 coffee art videos

Libations Friday! 12 June 2009 - Playing with your words visually like little kids play with their food - write something fun and silly that can be interpreted on several levels, various expresso drink recipes

Libations Friday! 5 June 2009 - Pear Ginger Coffee Cake and Low-fat Expresso Coffee Frozen Yogurt recipes, parable about relationships and humor found in a bitter romance with poison ivy.

May 2009

Libations Friday! 29 May 2009 - Denny's Expresso Cocktail recipe, fantasy blue dragons poem

Libations Friday! 22 May 2009 - Cocoa Caliente adult hot chocolate recipe, writing on deeper levels of understanding

Libations Friday! 15 May 2009 - Two Coffee Martini recipes, how to write acrostic poems, examples, original funny one

Libations Friday! 8 May 2009 - Peppermint Coffee Cream and Coffee Yogurt Drink recipes, funny poem about husband and wife relationship

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April 2009

Libations Friday! 24 April 2009 - Hungarian Caffe and chocolate covered coffee beans recipes, original poem about how friendships benefit our health as well as self-development

Libations Friday! 17 April 2009 - Mochacinno Diablo coffee recipe, Haiku style poems and great quotes from, bio highlights of famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson

Libations Friday! 10 April 2009 - Cappacino recipe, Ancient poems from North America: Incas, Aztecs and Mayans

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March 2009

Libations Friday! 27 March 2009 - Coffee Prayer, coffe poem about the French Quarter of New Orleans, coffee cartoons, recipe for ice cream coffee

Libations Friday! 20 March 2009 - Poem about the Art of Waiting, Hurricane Katrina, Mediterranean Hot Coffee Recipe

Libations Friday! 13 March 2009 - Poem by social issues poet Langston Hughes "Let America Be America Again," recipe for Keoke Coffee

Libations Friday! 6 March 2009 - Haiku style poem "On the Whim of a Grin," coffee recipe Dennys Version Arabian Style Hot Coffee

All Cheeky Quote Day! Links to Posts

Photo by Tansan @ flickr

From Denny: Since I recently found out that Blogger does not back up anything but the blog posts I realized I'd better make posts out of all the sidebar links to ensure they are backed up! :) Plus this is easier to put into a Word document as backup too since the code is already written. In case of some unforseen catastrophic failure and the blog is lost all you have to do is copy and paste these links back into another post to rebuild the blog.


Fun and Quirky Time Wasters - Cheeky Quote Day! 9 Dec 2009

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November 2009

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Cheeky Quote Day! 26 August 2009

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July 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 29 July 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 22 July 2009 - funny jobs and unemployment quotes

Cheeky Quote Day! 15 July 2009

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Cheeky Quote Day! 1 July 2009

June 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 24 June 2009

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May 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 27 May 2009

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April 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 29 April 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 22 April 2009

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March 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 25 March 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 18 March 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! 11 March 2009

21 November 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 21 Nov 2009

From Denny: Every Saturday I round up the best editorial cartoons of the week. They sure do lampoon the latest news! This week women have been up in arms angry at new health care guidelines which sounded really lame. There is the controversy over bringing Gitmo terrorists onto American soil to hang 'em in the New York courts just blocks away from the still destroyed Twin Towers area. Comments about Prez Obama's trips to Japan and China, too much bowing and nice-nice for most cartoonists apparently. Plenty of cartoonists lampooning Congress about health care.

Be sure to check out the funny video of Comedy Central's Jon Stewart lampooning the Palin book tour and the GOP in general. There are real news headline links to check out about the book tour farce and how Palin has already stiffed her fans, leaving them hanging literally out in the cold for hours in the rain in Indiana. They were not happy campers at all. Well, that's what you get when your hero is a fantasy: reality face slaps.

So, hike on over to The Social Poets where I park those cartoons every week and enjoy yourself today! BTW, thanks, everyone for visiting. You have been coming by the thousands, quite the unexpected turnout for my comedy parties, thank you! I'll make sure I order more appetizers for my hungry hordes... :)

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 21 Nov 2009

The Institution of Silly & Meaningless Sayings